Heatless Curling

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VOLUMINOUS CURLS: Create beautiful, voluminous curls without damaging your hair using the Heatless Curling Set! This heatless curling rod headband creates beautiful, heat-free curls or waves for the perfect classic look.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This luxurious heatless hair curler can be used on all hair types, from straight to curly and everything in between, making them the best hair curlers for long hair or medium hair length.

EASY TO USE: Simply wrap your hair around the no-heat hair curler, then allow your hair to air dry or sleep on our Overnight Foam Hair Curlers and wake up to beautiful curls in the morning.

NO MORE HEAT DAMAGE: Avoid the heat damage with this perfect alternative to traditional hot rollers hair curlers. This set includes a curling rod and one satin sleep scrunchies, all covered in high-quality, silky satin fabric.

FASHIONABLE & TRENDY:Create different types of beautiful hair bun hairstyles including with these hair bun shaper twisters: Hair buns, hair donut and sock bun hairstyles, ballet bun, French twist hairstyles, updo hairstyles, and more! Great for DIY heatless curls, waves, and no heat curlers.


Name: Heatless Curling Set


Material: Cloth

Color: As shown

Weight: 50g

Package size: 12*12*5cm


1* Heatless Curling Set

  • Voluminous effects - It's the best way to style your hair every day without heat. The premium EVA curling rod is also great for creating volume, especially when used on slightly damp hair.
  • All Hair Types -Heatless Hair Curlers works on all types - including thin, medium, thick, curly, wavy and straight hair, not for short.
  • Be your own styler - Place the hair curling rod on your head, secure with a hair clip(hair slightly damp). Wrap the hair around it strand by strand, tie the end of your hair with silk scrunchies, repeat on other side. Wait for 3-6 hours or overnight sleeeing, get your beautiful curls!
  • Beautyful Craft - The Heatless Curl Kit includes scrunchies and hair clips. This satin material helps minimize friction and anti-frizz properties, no pulling and hassle that some types of curlers can cause. Keeping your hair smooth and tangle-free.
  • Compact and travel friendly - This set is compact and easy to store and pack. Allows you to achieve beautiful waves at home or while traveling. Hand wash in cold water after use, do not wring and let it air dry.
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