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About Our Store®

NINAVIGAS® was founded in 2002, relying on a United Kingdom base.

The store is an innovation-driven UK Brand shop. We are based in London enterprise engaging in the R & D, production and sales of daily necessities industry. Its main business covers SPORTS wares, household equipment, storage, and sorting. Since 2002, we have expanded our business to the global market and gained thousands of satisfied customers.


At NINAVIGAS, we want to contribute to the continuous improvement of the standard of living of consumers worldwide by providing them with high-quality products with excellent designs at affordable prices. Therefore, the equipment we create is distinguished by elegant design and high efficiency while remaining financially affordable. Thanks to investments in research and development, we can offer more and more functional, convenient, and at the same time, inexpensive products that will be perfect for every home and everyone. We intend to constantly improve our product offer and actively engage in improving the quality of life of our customers.




We have our R&D team and have a variety of product patents. When designing new product, we focus on our customers and provide them with equipment that combines excellent quality, comfort, and stunning design.


Since 2002, warehouses have been built in Milton Keynes, London, and other provinces, involving composite warehouses, exclusive warehouses, and factory warehouses, with a total area of nearly 100,000 square meters. Improved equipment and skilled workers in the factory provide our guarantee for production.



Our team inspects products thoroughly before officially introducing them to the market. They check for artistry, quality, durability, weighing, etc. To eliminate any problems. Each product is sent to our warehouse, where our employees will review the product again during the entry warehouse stage.


We seek to provide visually stunning images and detailed descriptions so that you know exactly what you're getting when you shop with us. We have clear photo shoots to capture the product in its best light. The designer will review all the post-production images to find the ones that best represent their product.


In July 2005, the warehouse distribution system was upgraded from the original circular conveyor line to a double L+ circular cross belt automatic sorting line, significantly improving delivery efficiency and accuracy. 98% of the goods we stock can be shipped within three working days after placing the order.


All NINAVIGAS employees serve customers attentively. You may have questions, but we've got you covered. Our team of customer service professionals can communicate with you online. We want to hear your thoughts on whether you are happy or unhappy with your purchases.